Dreams of Cruelty by Joanna Jeanine

(This post was originally flagged by Patreon as too "pornographic'.)

People are tired. They are angry, if not at least disgruntled. It seems like everybody wants to kill each other. And that underlying sentiment is what will explode. That deep seated resentment for each other: we can’t even look at each other. We go about our days, in and out, wondering why life is the way it is. And not finding results.

And there are people out there who are willing to go that distance to harm or kill another person due to this rage, due to that underpinning of societal anger. And if they don’t, they find themselves in a state of pain and suffering. Mentally unable to live with society while not being able to live without it because rage needs a focus, an outlet.

Everyone has dreams of cruelty. They keep their calm, most of the time, but it is often people find others to fulfill their lusts and needs. It begins with some sort of media, like pornography, and then escalates. Soon enough, you either find yourself submissive, beaten down, and become a masochist, or  bolstered and aggressive, seeking out those masochists to treat them as such, to get their caged animal instincts out.

Even that gets tired. That is where you get your lust murders. Total uncontrollable urges to rape, torture and kill one another. The explosion of the human mind out into the most precision like ways of treating each other like garbage, and worse.

There is no addressing this issue, most times, for human consumption and lust is insatiable, and that goes for the enjoyment of the suffering of other people.

And the cycle of the dreams of cruelty renew and begin again, where the victim becomes the perpetrator, the hunted the hunter, and then the final goodbye, to mark your loss among those around you, for better or worse, and to finalize your contribution to the world.

This is what makes people tired. Death. Time is running out, and many have things to do beforehand. Whether that’s filing paperwork or full out bloodlust, I really can only speculate, but I do know that this tiredness will come walking right up to you, out of the woodwork, and meet you eye to eye.