by Joanna Jeanine

A collection of manic writings written in psych wards, hospitals and various states of delirium.

Hardcover w/ DJ.  Grey cloth boards. 174 pgs.

5×8 in, 13×20 cm

Written in various states of delirium over the course of five years, this maddening and frenetic collection of automatic writings, inspired by everything from the writings of the Surrealists to the erotic, endured the struggles of the author, who suffered psychotic depression, moving from place to place in her life. These written relics were compiled by the author from her archives and arranged by date of each automatism.

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The Natural Way: 

A Tragedy 

by Joanna Jeanine

A betrayal of innocence...

"Yes, dear Reader:
Just a little Tragedy for You
concerning Deviant Eroticism."

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First Edition, limited to ten (10) copies.
8.5×11 in, 22×28 cm; 24 page zine
Includes a copy of Lurker #1.

"Red" edition
Lurker #1 zine

A man roams the streets, searching for his ultimate voyeuristic fix in this serial zine...
 Limited to 10 copies.
Staple & red duct tape bound
Softcover red cardstock w/ red vellum covers
8.5x11 in. (22x28 cm.)